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Why work with OOR

As a law firm, we have practice in main areas of legal practice, namely;

Conveyancing and land law, commercial corporate law practice, banking and corporate finance, intellectual property, Insurance Law, Debt Collection, Constitutional and Civil Litigation in all areas, Probate & Administration, Employment / Labour Law, Tax law, Criminal law, Alternative dispute resolution (ADR),

Why Choose OOR

  • We have clarity of vision of being a leading commercial law practice in the Kenya and in Africa generally.  Anchoring this vision is our commitment to our values of integrity, quality and speedy implementation of instructions.
  • We are committed to deliver top notch services within agreed service level agreements, and often beyond our clients’ expectations. We seek to meet our clients’ business goals through effective legal research, proper packaging and delivery of services.
  • We also encourage free exchange of information and regular meetings with our clients with a view to understanding their market environments, and hence, collegially develop solutions which best meet any contemporary challenges while anticipating and effectively averting potential risks.  We acknowledge that our clients often know what is best, what works for them, and therefore their participation in our development and customization of our services to best suit their needs is very helpful to us in service delivery.
  • Further, our lawyers regularly undertake both market and legal research on our clients business environment to determine legal and policy changes which may affect our clients, and advice our clients accordingly, of risks and opportunities, in time.
  • Our proven strengths enable us to continue delivering our promise to our clients. In particular, we have the following strengths:

Our Strength

  • Comprehensive Background Legal Practice: We have advised and acted for clients in major areas of law including civil litigation, commercial contracts and agreements, administrative law and public policy issues, perfection of securities, review and advice on implications of changes in law (whether statute or case law), employment matters including drafting, review and amendment of employment agreements,
  • Reliable Resource Centre: We have established a comprehensive online resource centre containing all the legal and policy materials relevant or incidental to law practice. Our resource centre contain law text books, law reports and judicial decisions from various courts and tribunals, constitution (both old and new), all statutes, law journals, policy documents, international instruments and conventions, etc. These are regularly updated by our IT experts in consultation with our advocates. This resource centre is also networked with other legal resource centres such as Kenya Law Reports, Lexis, etc, and which continues to enable us render sound legal advice and representation to our clients. 
  • Competitive Pricing: Our billing structure is principally governed by the Advocates (Remuneration) Order as may be amended from time to time. We are reasonable in charging fees not otherwise covered under the Advocates (Remuneration) Order. We have a clear billing policy which guides both ourselves and upon which we guide our clients on the fee obligations. We advice our clients well in advance of all possible costs and how best to deal with the same. In this regard, we have Fee and Cost Advice Notes, Deposit Request Notes, Final Fee Notes, Credit Notes, Debit Notes, etc all of which help our clients to have clear understanding of money obligations throughout each transaction.
  • Legal Research & Opinion Writing Culture: As a practice, whenever we receive a peculiar instruction, we undertake comprehensive legal research and advice our clients on all pertinent issues before progressing with the instruction. This helps us to develop and enable our clients to appreciate the best remedy or approach in the circumstances.
  • Logical Work Execution Structure: Over the years, we have developed work execution tools for major types of instructions we handle. This is to ensure predictable execution of legal work without letting anything drop. Our system of tools includes Acknowledgement of Instructions Forms, Work Plans, Task Performance Certificates, Secure Document Movement Forms, Inter-Office File Transfer Forms, Monthly Status Reports, Completion Documents Delivery Forms, Service Assessment Forms, among others. These (service operations) tools guarantees efficient handling and management of your instructions from the time of receipt of instructions to the completion and delivery of the work.
  • Confidentiality: As a professional service firm, we adhere to rules of confidentiality, not only as a legal requirement under the Advocates Acts and Evidence Act, we practice it as a culture. Every person is constitutionally entitled to their privacy. Our staff appreciates this as well and will keep clients confidential information.
  • Strategic Networks: We believe in partnerships, and therefore, we partner with other professional services firms in aspects of our work which are best executed by consultants. For this reason, we routinely work with Strategic Legal Solutions Group Limited, a consortium of professional service firms specializing in energy law, legislative drafting, cyber law, public private partnerships, IP, mergers and acquisition, tax law, corporate law and business services, and international law generally. We work closely various government departments for speedy execution of instructions. We have nurtured business relationships with a host of external clerks in various registries specializing in various registration functions which enable great turn-around time.
  • Strategic Location: We are strategically located within reach of our mutual clients in Nairobi and Kisumu. However, we generally undertake to visit your offices subject to your agreement to advice, collect instructions and or deliver results. We are at your service.
  • Business Continuity Processes: Our business continuity processes ensures our sustainability as a professional service firm at all times, promotes improvement of our business in the face of whatever challenges our Firm may face, and guarantees our client of smooth and uninterrupted provision of legal services throughout the year. Some of our Business Continuity Processes developed collegially by ourselves in consultation with some of our clients, include: Risk Assessment Audits, Secure Online And Electronic Data Base, Professional Indemnity Cover, Work Management and Quality Controls, Consultation on preparation of Legal Opinions, concept papers business plans proposals, etc, and service operation tools and processes for corporates); Accident Prevention; and Staff Training.